Brand New Release! 

A story about breaking through barriers, discovering your worth,

and finding a place to belong.

My Story

I'm a die-hard romance fan from just south of the Twin Cities in MN. I live with my King and four princes and probably a little too spoiled princess. 

I've been writing for over 6 years and it is my favorite thing to do besides spend time with my family. 

I love things that make me laugh. I eat Twizzlers when I write. And I think there is a FRIENDS quote for just about every conversation I have. 

I'm dedicated to bringing you SWEET romance that makes you sigh with kisses that curl your toes. 

So pull up your comfiest chair and open a book. 


Up and Coming

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Coming Soon!

The Red Stiletto Book Club #6


Coming Soon!

The Red Stiletto Book Club #8

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